“As a sculptor, I’ve learned that my passion is not to shape the stone but to free the art inherent within it.”

Laurent Sebban

sculptor and founder

GLS Stone Art Fountain Sketch 01B
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From Concept to Reality

With a catalogue spanning hundreds of items across a variety of categories, GLS Stone Art showcases an extensive, unique selection of limestone products, including sculptures, fireplaces, fountains, wall art, basins, and everything in between for both commercial and residential clients. Every piece is meticulously designed and then crafted to exude elegance and distinctiveness, quickly produced to carve out our niche in the industry. Our large stone art catalogue, designed to appeal to all preferences, eagerly awaits your exploration. Whether you’re equipped with a specific design or still mulling over possibilities, our mission is to help you shape your dream limestone masterpiece.

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Process

Client Design Brief

Engage in a meeting with the client to gain a comprehensive understanding of their specific requirements, objectives, and vision for the project.

Budget Planning & Concept Design

Plan the budget and commence conceptualizing designs based on client needs and project scope.

Client Review & Prototyping

Present the initial design concepts to the client for feedback and proceed to develop prototypes to further refine the design direction.

Client Approval & Delivery

Obtain final client approval on the refined design and deliver the completed project, ensuring satisfaction and success.